Dancehall Saturdaze | Ketch Di Dance with Selecta Andor and Belle Unleash! Dancehall being a social dance, to support that Dancehall Saturdaze introduces a new party format named Ketch Di Dance, where Belle Unleash will show the crowd a few dancehall dance moves to dance to together. Belle Unleash is a dancehall dancer, coreographer, dance instructor and founding member of Unleash Crew, who also runs her own dance company Viba. Viba is celebrating it's 1st Anniversary at the club in the earlier evening, hosting a nice line up of dance shows and artists. See more at VIBA 1v Synttäribileet! Baddest tunes and maddest vibes pon di mic by Selecta Andor (Blaka Blaka | Basso Radio) and Lion Head! Once a month Dancehall Saturdaze celebrates the dancehall culture of Jamaica in Helsinki. Nuff bass, baddest selectas and proper hype pon di mic, dancers roll out! Dancehall Saturdaze E93 Lounge & Night Club | Visbynkuja 2 | Itäkeskus | Helsinki 23-04 | 7€ | K18 This is a One Love Helsinki event, nuff vibes guaranteed!

The one and only original Mayhem, founded on the 26th of September 2007. Do you have what it takes? We shall fucking see! ..Free entrance with the official Mayhem Dog Tag until 2300 HRS. _________________________________________ MAYHEM | Friday The 13th 13.10.2017 @ E93 Lounge & Night Club Visbynkuja 2, Helsinki K18 5€